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What is the Panko QuickPan used for?​

Think of the Panko Quickpan as an all in one oven, toaster, and stovetop! Anything that is prepared in a pan or oven can be prepared here too in half the time! You can use the QuickPan to bake pizza, make an omelet, bake cookies or just to toast your bread! The ideas are endless! Check out our recipes page for some more inspiration. 


How long will it take till my food is ready?


Cooking time will vary according to the food you are cooking but it will definitely be quick! Most foods will be cooked and ready to eat within fifteen minutes from when the machine is preheated.

When experimenting with new recipes, be sure to keep checking your food. Our machine was designed with the perfect temperature for even cooking which prevents your food from getting burnt while the inside is still raw.

What are the Non Stick Care rules?

Taking care of the non stick coating on your machine will result in better tasting food and easier cleanup, thereby maximizing the Panko experience.

Just follow these two simple tips:

-Use only wood or plastic utensils on the surface.

-When cleaning, use only a non-scratch sponge or pan scourer to avoid ruining the non stick finish.

Should I use my QuickPan for Meat or Dairy use?

The QuickPan will save you plenty time and effort for both dairy and meat use. Decide how you will benefit more or just buy two! :)

Does my QuickPan need to be toiveled?


Yes. According to poskim, your machine needs to be toiveled.

After immersing the machine in water, let it airdry for at least 48 hours with the cover open before attempting to use. It is normal for the machine to be a bit slower the first few days.

When do I make my payment?

For the time being, you can remit payment by cash or check when picking up your order. You can also contact us for information about sending a bank transfer or paying with a credit card link before picking up your order. Call us for more details.

When can I come pick up my order?

As soon as you get a pickup ready email you can come pick up your order at our Even Ha'azel pickup location. See your order page for more details. Call before coming.


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