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On this page you will find some practical ideas and inspiration to help you make the most out of your new Panko QuickPan!

This appliance is referred to as a pizza maker in other countries. We, at Panko replaced that name. Why limit the use of such an amazing device to pizza only? Your new QuickPan can cook and bake everything thats prepared in a pan or oven. You may not be able to cook up a pot of soup or bake a Bundt cake but otherwise you're pretty much covered. Just learn the basics of "Prepping and Panning" and the "Plate" is yours!



Enter to win a free QuickPan by submitting your true and tried recipe.     


Thanks for submitting!

  • Recipes must include at least 5 ingredients

  • Ingredients must be accessible locally in Israel.

  • Recipes must include detailed step by step instructions and cooking times.

  • A max of two recipes per person will be accepted

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